September, October, Movember?

Forgive me if I am generalizing here, but females tend to love Halloween, but dread the day after (okay maybe a week or so after.)  I would hate to think that they do not like November 1st – since it is my birthday, however the month now turned into Movember has become dreaded by all females.  This would have nothing to do with the fact that Mo’Bros stop grooming their upper lip and allow it to flourish with disgusting amounts of hair.  As you walk around town, on campus, or in the mall you see it everywhere – the infamous Mo’stache.

I am not sure if I also do not like Movember because of the dirty staches everyone has, or the fact that I can’t grow my own.  However, Movember is actually an amazing cause that really sheds some light on men’s health, specifically cancer and mental health.  I think this is a fantastic campaign and one that was really only started 10 years ago.  It is amazing to see the amount of money raised to date and the number of participants and large organizations that join in on the fun.  Participants flock to social media to seek out online donations to the cause.  Just think about how social media has changed the way people fundraise for causes and charities.  Life is so much easier now, all it requires now is linking to your Facebook page or sending out a tweet asking your friends and family circle to donate.

So ladies embrace the mo’staches and heck even join in on the fun and become a Mo’Sista.  Join the Laurier SBE team today:

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Halloween – Scary or just plain weird?

Halloween is what I think one of the hardest “holidays” to actually use social media, and more often than not it can turn out to be an epic fail.  The reason I think that this happens is because companies often try to make their “brand” turn into something that its not.  Not many companies want their brand to appear scary, so to turn their brand into a “scary” monster for Halloween doesn’t often work and is poorly executed.

It seems that I am using a lot of P&G examples for this blog, I promise I will diversify my selection as time goes on, but I thought this Vine was a great example of a social media fail.  Tide is the brand being used and is trying to be associated with the re-release of Stephen King’s movie Carrie.  The association with Tide and the detergent cleaning your bloody clothes, although maybe it is capable of doing so, does not sit too well with me.  When I think of Tide I think of getting kids grass stains out and not blood from a murder.

Plus the Vine is not even funny, give me something to laugh about not think “what the hell did I just watch?”

I wonder what your thoughts are on this Vine?  Do you like the brand association with the movie Carrie?  Do you think companies should even be using Vine as a social media platform?  Would love to hear your thoughts.


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#GiveAPlate: Cascade & Dawn

P&G ran a #GiveAPlate campaign on Instagram that encouraged Canadians to share photos of their plates piled high with their delicious Thanksgiving meal. Each picture uploaded to Instagram using the #GiveAPlate, P&G donated $5 to Food Banks Canada.

This resulted in a $27,165 donation after more than 400 people submitted a photo (on top of the initial $25K donation). Cascade and Dawn were the sponsoring brands for this initiative (as it aligned with what the products do). P&G “photoshoppers” even sent a cleaned plate back to 100 people.

Although the campaign only lasted one day I think it is an incredible way to integrate brands into consumers daily lives.

How was your Thanksgiving feast? Did you upload photos of your plate to Instagram?

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Welcome to Come Home for the Holidays!

Welcome to my blog site.

This is my first personal blog site, so bare with me if it is not the prettiest thing you will ever see.  I am writing this blog for my Social Networks class at Wilfrid Laurier University.  As someone who loves the holidays (Christmas is my favourite!) I figured that there are many cool social media campaigns that occur for different holidays and this would give me a chance to showcase a few of my favourites for you to enjoy.  The content I will be posting about include any social media campaign on any social network platform that companies execute around the holidays starting with Thanksgiving and likely ending with Christmas as that is when my course will be finished.

I hope you enjoy my posts and please feel free to leave your comments, they are much appreciated.

Happy Holidays,

Brandon Van Dam

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