John Lewis – Everyone is in Love, But Me

John Lewis the famous retail store in London has always been known to put out amazing Christmas commercials.  In my Brand Communications course one of our Professor’s blog posts was on the John Lewis Christmas commercials and how they have become a much anticipated Christmas tradition…the Christmas Wishbook of Canada.

I absolutely fell in love with the previous year Christmas commercials as they pulled at the heartstrings a little.  However, this years commercial took an animated approach, titled the Bear & The Hare, obviously animated bear + rabbit characters.  I think it was this animated commercial that detracted from the emotion I felt as opposed to watching a little boy anxiously waiting for Christmas Day to come (something I am sure we can all relate with).

This video has completely shot off and gone viral and everyone is in love with it, except me.  Am I the only one?  What do you think – by using animated animals does this still make that emotional connection?  In comparison to previous years commercials, how do you rate this one?  Feel free to comment.

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