Social Media Does Help Us Remember

Check out my last blog for a little bit of context on the subject.

After asking the question “can social media be used for Remembrance Day?”, I found my answer.  Yes.  Yes it can be used and it can actually be used effectively.  Gen Y + Millenials can be seen everywhere taking an infamous “selfie” with a pouty duck face using one of the newest forms of social media Snapchat.  Some people may argue that Snapchat is not a form of social media, however many top companies are now looking at ways to advertise via Snapchat.

Now this is exactly what happened.  However, this advertisement is for Remembrance Day, and it is done perfectly.  Now we all know Snapchats are meant to be sent and erased for good after a pre-determined time, well The Memory Project used that to send home a strong message.  The message that veterans should always be remembered for their sacrifices and never forgotten.

Check out the Snap that was sent:

I think this was an ingenious move and is really taking a modern approach to connecting with that target market that this organization is looking to connect with.  Will Snapchat be used in the future for more campaigns?

What do you think is this effective?  Do you think it will send the right message and actually hit home with the targeted demographic?


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